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ICS CXP Concept Rifle Review


ICS CXP Concept Rifle Review 

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In this review from Fox Airsoft, we test the ICS CXP.08 Concept Rifle.  ICS is a well-established airsoft company with many years of experience producing high quality airsoft guns.  

 Alternate View

*ICS CXP Composite Body

Company Overview

ICS began their business in 1983 manufacturing toy air guns and gas pistols.  They began performing Research & Development (R&D) on Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) in 1998.  During this time, ICS has developed many unique technologies for the M4/M16 series airsoft guns.      

 Stock Collapsed

*ICS CXP Stock Collapsed  

Gun Overview

The ICX CXP.08 is a concept AEG designed by ICS.  It has many features that are unique, and give that custom look to an AEG that doesn’t directly model a real-steel rifle.  

 Fulled Extended Stock

*ICS CXP Stock Extended


The ICS CXP.08 Sportline AEG is an entry-level or “sport series” AEG.  Typically a sport series gun uses a composite body to lower the price tag while still offering solid out-of-the box performance.   It features mil standard 1913 Picatinny rails on the fore grip that can be used to mount a variety of accessories including flashlights, lasers, and grips.  On this model, the lower and side rails are replaceable so the user can customize the length of rail to fit his individual accessory needs.

 Front Sight and Rail Attachments

*Picatinny 1913 rails


The sliding stock is adjustable to six different positions.  The stock has a different look than a conventional M4 stock, yet it is still solid and keeps the buffer tube intact being true to a real M4 platform.  

 Collapsible Stock

*Stock Collapsed  


The front and rear sights are integral with the single piece upper rail.  These are still mounted at an appropriate height to allow a co-witness red dot or other optics.   

Rear Sight






























*Rear Sight

 Rear Sight Adjustment

*Rear Sight Adjustments  


The hop up adjustment is a rotary-type that is located under the dust cover.  The charging handle must be pulled back to retract the fake bolt in order to expose the hop up adjustment.  

 Hop Up

*Hop-Up Adjustment  


The most innovative and unique feature of ICS rifles is the split gearbox design.  Simply remove the rear body pin, and the entire upper receiver rotates free of the lower.  This is an incredible piece of engineering and not only does it add realism, but it also adds reliability, ease of maintenance, and the ability to swiftly configure your rifle for different applications.  

Body Split

*Body Split


The upper portion of the gearbox simply slides out of the top receiver when the body is split.  An upper gearbox can be changed in less than a minute.  If a piston were to strip the user could simply remove the upper gearbox and just replace the piston and have the gun running in a matter of a few minutes.  This would take substantially longer with a conventional AEG.

CXP Split

*Upper Gearbox Removal  


The lower gearbox houses the gear set, as well as ICS’s proprietary anti-reversal latch.  The anti-reversal latch is yet another great feature that is very functional in the field.  In all conventional AEGs there is a possibility to have the gun turn halfway on a low battery, effectively jamming the AEG.  The solution to this problem is to release the spring tension that is held by the anti-reversal latch.  For a conventional gun, it involves stripping the gun to access the gearbox and release the anti-reversal latch.  In the ICS design, the user simply has to push the forward assist which releases the anti-reversal latch.

 Lower Gearbox

*Bottom portion of split gearbox  


The battery compartment is located in the fore grip and is attached by the forward sling mount screw.  The gun also includes a peq box to give the user the option of having an external battery.

 Battery Compartment

*Battery Compartment with proprietary connector  

Internals Overview  ICS internals are comparable to other sport AEGs on the market.  They feature 6mm steel bushings, a new-design reinforced piston, steel gears, and their anti-reversal latch extension.   All newer ICS guns now use the black-type piston – the older design piston was more brittle, and ICS has since corrected the problem.

 Internal Gearbox Parts

*ICS Internals  


The cylinder set features a standard brass cylinder, plastic padded cylinder head, conventional piston head, and an ICS nozzle.  The internals have adequate lube coming from the factory and produce good compression allowing for consistent shooting out of the box.

 Cylinder Parts

*Cylinder Components on the ICS  


This piston is ICS’s new type and is made of a much more resilient material.


*Newer Black Type Piston  

Test Procedure

Testing was performed on a brand new ICS CXP.08 Concept Rifle.  Out of the box velocity is in the range of 330 fps.  10 measured shots were fired on semi-auto and the farthest outlier was ignored.  The average is reported   Accuracy testing was performed in a similar manner with several initial unmeasured shots to set the hopup, 10 measured shots, an unmeasured full auto burst and another 10 measured shots.  The distance to the target is 25 feet.  The group sizes are calculated by the smallest circle that can be drawn around the 9 most tightly grouped shots (the farthest outlier is ignored).  The circle does not have to include the center of the target so a tightly grouped set of shots to the left of the bullseye will score higher than a loosely spaced group centered on the bullseye.  This is intended to test repeatability and consistency rather than sight alignment or shooter skill.   We do not normally test an item's durability on a long term basis, but in this case we will be testing this AEG in a full field test.  The results will be updated in this review once the testing is complete.   Data/Results Velocity measurement with .20g ICS Bio bb 


ICS CXP Sportline
328.5 FPS



Accuracy Test Accuracy Test with .20g ICS Bio bb

ICS CQB Sportline
2.2 Inches


Rate of Fire Test Tested with a 9.6v 3300 mah battery

ICS CQB Sportline
19 rps

1,140 rpm  

Conclusion   The ICS CXP.08 concept rifle is a great choice for an entry-level AEG with a unique look.  It offers many technological benefits over a conventional AEG.  If you’re looking for a gun that offers functional benefits in the field, ease of maintenance, and the ability to build multiple-rifles from a single platform, look no further than ICS.

  Fox Airsoft

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